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The app brings safety assessments of chemical components, allowing quick check of cosmetic ingredients and labels.

It also provides detailed risk information for specific audiences such as pregnant women and children.


Independent scientists around the world promote toxicity tests to gather basic data on how each ingredient will react in the body.

These scientists publish the information in books and scientific journals. Data is available worldwide.

Regulatory Agencies around the world seek available information to register, release or prohibit the use of ingredients in your country based on efficacy and safety data.

Instituto Harris analysts gather and organize all available information emitted by scientists, as well as the regulations applied by the Agencies of the Americas, Europe, Oceania  and Asia, by filling out our Database. The information is updated every 3 years, but we are constantly aware in case of relevant news.

Once the information is filled, the ingredient goes through a review phase, where scientific advice comes up. If further information is still required, new tests may be requested to supplement existing information. Similar behavior molecules can also be used to assist the conclusion of the opinion.

Finally, the opinion goes through an approval phase and it is published on the platform. Currently, there are more than 2.500 ingredients published and this number grows every day!

Avaliações de segurança de ingredientes cosméticos.

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