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How to use?


Download the app from your mobile store. If you don't have an account yet, click "Sign Up"


Fill in the respective fields with your data and finish by clicking "Register"


Once logged in, you will be entitled to three component queries to test the application. After that, click on the settings and choose the ideal plan for your need:

•Basic: The basic plan offers 10 component queries per month. Each component will appear with its universal name (INCI), its universal code (CAS), its function, and a critical opinion about its safety. This plan is ideal for attentive consumers!

•Advanced: This plan offers 25 consultations per month and in each consultation will appear the raw material INCI, its CAS, its function, its safety critical opinion. This plan is ideal for health and beauty professionals who look after the safety of their clients.

•Professional: This plan offers 25 consultations per month, which will include Brazilian regulatory information and physico-chemical information about the raw material, as well as the basic information from previous plans. Physico-chemical information includes: LogP, NOAEL, possibility of absorption into the skin, how it is metabolized by the body and its form of excretion. This plan is ideal for chemists, pharmacists and cosmetics developers.


Click on the filters for a specific search and find all hazardous ingredients for your audience


Or type the name of the ingredients in the search field to quickly find the opinion of your ingredient of interest


When you find the ingredient you are looking for, click to open the review. Pay attention to the images that will appear just above the opinion to have a specific overview for each audience. See the examples below

The ingredient must not be used for babies and children

Warning sign for teenagers and pregnant women

No risk for general public

Our focus is Consumer Safety

Cosmetopeia is an app developed by Instituto Harris, the first Brazilian scientific consulting company specialized in safety assessment in cosmetics development. Our team evaluates the scientific literature daily looking for relevant information to formulate a critical and independent advice. 

Avaliações de segurança de ingredientes cosméticos.

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